[Published] 2019/8/28 [Last updated] 2024/6/12

Introduction of Our Strategic Goals

Our Phase 1 Drug Development Service is dedicated to the advancement of phase 1 cancer research through clinical trials of anticancer agents with the goal of providing innovative developments in cancer treatment.

  • Early development of the First-in-Human (FIH) and best-in-class oncology new drugs and novel therapies, determining the optimal dose/schedule and patient population to benefit most from these new drugs by participating in novel global FIH phase 1 trials.
  • Integrate nationwide genomics operation at the National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH) to accommodate all dedicated researchers, from those planning their first genomics experiment to seasoned NGS experts and clinical investigators for enabling cutting edge research at NCCH, ranging from foundational basic science to translational and precision medicine at oncology phase 1 clinic.
  • Link early phase clinical research at the NCCH with the various preclinical and translational research groups at the National Cancer Center Research Institute (NCCRI) and collaborate with the different stakeholders/partners involved in early phase drug development and translational research (academic centers, consortia and pharmaceutical companies).

山本 昇
National Cancer Center Hospital
Department of Experimental Therapeutics
Noboru Yamamoto